Veros Superheros & Villains Crochet Dolls

Crochet Superheros and Villians Dolls


A good start on the new year is to get your patterns in order! I have been crocheting like mad after a nice little Christmas break were I spent most of my time playing Batman Arkham Knight and the Batman Lego 3 Beyond Gotham games.

So after I had to get some more of my Veros Superheros and Villains crochet dolls done. I have added three to the range!! Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman and Superman!

I’m getting a nice little set of crochet dolls now and thought I’d share the pattern with all the lovely crocheters out there. So far my crochet patterns for Veros only had Batman, Harley Quinn, Robin and the Joker. The patterns have been downloaded from Mexico to the Maldives, I’m so happy people like them.

Getting the patterns together and written up can be super time consuming and I have spent most of my weekend at the laptop working on the pdfs and the imagery etc.. However its done now and I couldn’t be happier with my lovely crochet heros and villains, we have all my favourites from DC comics here (as you can tell Batman is my favourite DC world).

If you want to download them they are available to download here:




The first doll I crocheted was Poison Ivy, mainly as I watched Batman and Robin just before the holidays and it reminded me how much I loved and sympathised with Poison Ivy when I was younger – I know the batman and robin film gets a lot of hate, but I still enjoy watching the old 90’s films.

Poison Ivy Crochet Doll


And then I began playing Lego Batman 3 – if you haven’t played it yet I highly recommend it (but I think considering I’ve just admitted to liking the Batman & Robin films you will never take a recommendation from me seriously again). The game is brilliant, lots of the fun lego puzzles they like to fill their games with and one of the best characters to play with is Superman. So I decided as the new Batman Vs Superman film is coming out this year I really should crochet a Superman doll to add to my collect of veros dolls.


Superman Crochet Doll



In the lego games Wonder Woman is amazing!! Also everytime she flies she has a cool little song that just repeats ‘Wonder Woman!’ over again. She is really fun and Wonder Woman is going to be in Batman Vs Superman too so I had to crochet myself up a little doll.


Wonder Woman Crochet Doll


I’m going to try to add more sub genres to my veros range in the future, possibly Game of thrones. I also redesigned my patterns to be more easy to follow so any feedback is always appreciated

If you have any questions let me know. Until next time, Happy Crocheting!


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  1. I love them! I already have done the batman and joker ones but now going to download the rest of them! My nephew always wants to take them home with him! No such luck!! They’re all mine!

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