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And they’re here! I am finally able to share my Batman, Harley Quinn, Robin and Joker crochet dolls with all my Happy Crocheting fans.

So if someone in your life loves batman and foes hop over to a ravelry page to download the patterns! I am so happy with the way these crochet dolls have turned out and plan to do more genres of them!

So click here to get the patterns and Happy Crocheting!

So what on earth are Veros?

Well I’d been considering for a while about doing some Batman crochet amigurumi dolls, but then my mind went on a whirlwind and thought about all the different tv show & film characters I could make.  Next I want to do Adventure Time! After that, possibly Game of Thrones, I want to crochet everything! But what could I call them? As all my ideas are mainly heroes or villains I thought why not shove those two words together and we have Veros!

I spent ages writing up each crochet pattern, and a full day designing the logo (I love designing logos!). Anyway due to the amount of time I’ve spent on these I just had to share the amigurumi patterns with the world!


Let’s start with my favourite crochet doll Harley Quinn. As you may already know I love Harley Quinn so much I named my house bunny after her (read my about me for more info) and I have crocheted a Harley Quinn doll previously. This new Harley Quinn doll is so much more adorable though and I was getting super excited while crocheting her and writing up the crochet pattern as I could see how scrumptious she is. I think the girl dolls look so cute with a bit of make up on. She was really quick to make, if you want to make one yourself my crochet pattern for Harley Quinn can be found on ravely.

harley quinn, batman, veros, crochet doll




Here is the first one I completed, my favourite guy in Gotham: Joker (or Mr.J to Harley Quinn). The Joker was the first crochet doll in the Veros range I completed, all are loosely based on the Arkham Asylum games series. Joker is super cute as he has a full head of green yarn hair, each hair lovingly crocheted onto his big bobble head. If you want to grab the pattern and make one yourself jump over to ravely here.

joker, batman, veros, crochet doll




Considering the range is Veros Batman, my crochet Batman (or Bats to Joker) doll is my least favourite, don’t get me wrong, he is cute and I love his little batman logo on his chest, but the others steal the show in my opinion. Do you know someone who loves batman? Download the pattern from ravely today.

batman, veros, crochet doll




And finally here is Robin, I wasn’t looking forward to crocheting Robin and writing up his crochet pattern (Robin was never my favourite batman character). But with his green undies, golden cape and eye mask I quite like him! Robins crochet doll pattern is on ravely too!

robin, batman, veros, crochet doll


So I hope you all love these and thanks to all my fellow crocheters at reddit who advised me on the designs – Happy Crocheting loves you guys!


I suppose I’d best get off and begin my Adventure Time range. I will still add to the batman collection and I’ve had lots of suggestions on what to complete, but my little fingers are aching to get going with Jake, Finn, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum etc.. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and if you want to know when more of my crochet patterns are release join my mailing list (top right of the website) as I send out an update email when I have published any new patterns.


Until next time, Happy Crocheting!

4 thoughts on “Veros Batman Crochet Dolls

  1. These are so cute, I can’t wait to start cracking on with them, I’m starting with Batman as my son is going to be over the moon with him.

  2. I’m making these for my friend who is currently expecting, her hubby is a huge batman fan so I am sure they will both love these crochet dolls for the little one. Thanks

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