Well now, me and Mr. CrochetWidow have been busy creating a product line thats all about crochet! We started off with Ergonomic (meaning comfy and soft) Hooks and now I’ve been working one making ‘Crochet in a Bag’ products which are the perfect gift for someone wanting to learn how to crochet.


Ergonomic Happy Crocheting Hooks:
Happy Crocheting Ergonomic Hooks


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Since launching these hooks we’ve been overwhelemed by the response. We have brilliant reviews on Amazon as luckily people love them as much as we do. They’re perfect for people who suffer from aches and pains through too much crocheting. So all the months I spent trialing lots of different hooks were not in vain as people have been saying how brilliant they are from arthritis sufferers.


Lucky the Dog ~ Crochet bag filled with all you need to crochet Lucky:

Lucky the dog crochet

Lucky the Dog is the first in my range of Crochet in a Bag. You get a cute drawstring bag filled with all you need to learn how to crochet Lucky the Dog. Also what sets this crochet kit apart from the rest is that you get access to step by step video tutorials so even if you have never picked up a crochet hook in you life, within a night you can crochet Lucky. It’s the perfect gift for someone who likes crafts and for children.




Well we plan on doing a lot more products in the future, if you have any suggestions let me know by adding a comment. Happy Crocheting x

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  1. Is there anyway you would produce a 1.5 mm crochet hook as I’d like to buy your crochet set but I frequently use a 1.5 and I’d want my hooks to match

    1. Hi Anna, I am sorry, but the smallest we can do is 2mm. I’ve even done a quick google to see if their is any out there that look similar to our range in 1.5 and I couldn’t find any. Good luck in your search and I’m sorry we couldn’t help further.

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