Piglet Free Crochet Pattern

Piglet free crochet pattern

Hello Happy Crocheters!! As it’s been a while since I’ve provided a free crochet pattern, thought I’d be good and get one sorted for you all. One of my colleagues at work is having a baby and mentioned that his wife loves pigs, so I decided to crochet a big Piglet and a little Piglet for the mummy to be. One day I’ll have to crochet Pooh Bear and Tiger too! These were really quick to do, I’m not sure whether I’m just getting faster, or the new Happy Crocheting Hooks are improving my crocheting speed, but I did them both in one night! I used yarn specific for babies as I wanted them to be perfect and babies tend to put anything within reach into their mouths so better safe than sorry.

I wanted to go into how I start my patterns as once you get the hang of it they can become quite simple to do, it’s mainly the writing up of the crochet pattern in a pdf which is time consuming as I try to make sure they’re easy to read and understand.

Once you’ve been doing crochet amigurumi for a while you start remember certain elements to make shapes, so if you start with a magic circle and want to expand it out flatly simply add 6 stitches to each round. It goes up 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 etc.. I am now an expert at my 6 times table thanks to crochet. If like Piglets head you want it to be more oval in shape you add in rows with no stitch increases after each row which has increased (check out the pattern if you’re unsure). After a while you begin getting an idea how to make other shapes you might of never come across before, so for example I had never crocheted a shape like piglets ears before, but I did them first time.

All I make sure I do is note down every stitch I do, here is a photo of my little note book of patterns, its scruffy handwriting as I am usually holding my hook and yarn in my other hand as a quickly scribble what I have done down.



If you are interested in writing up your own crochet patterns I suggest while watching tv etc.. just crochet and see what comes out, online there are plenty of tutorials showing how to make spheres, cubes, triangles etc.. once you have some basic shapes down I am sure you’ll be able to crochet up something unique and maybe even share your pattern with the world. I remember when my first pattern got download by someone in the US (I’m from the UK) I was jumping up and down with glee as it just felt so good knowing that something I created was being re-created by another crocheter half way round the world! It felt good!


There is also a big community out there which are happy to be crochet pattern testers, I am always happy to be a pattern tester too if you are unsure if the pattern works feel free to drop me a line.

Here is the pdf piglet-crochet-pattern-v5

Or you can find it on Ravelry Piglet Crochet Pattern


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