Lalylala Doll Kira

lalylala doll kira

As my mum’s birthday is coming up I wanted to make her something special, she’s allergic to everything, doesn’t drink and her usual answer when asked what she wants is ‘nothing’. Really, she’s hard to get presents for. But she does love cute looking toys, and as I love happy crocheting along I bought a Lalylala Kira Doll Pattern from Ravely and away I went.

I decided to crochet the Lalylala Kira doll (which I am assuming is a kangaroo) as it has a little pouch and a baby so thought its a good present for a mum. I also found a lovely brooch from a card shop which has ‘Mum, treasure this as I tresure you’ and sewed it on the back of the doll to personalise it for her. They also recommended you knit the scarf, I do know how to knit but due to time just quickly crocheted a scarf up.

lalylala doll kira

lalylala doll kiralalylala doll kira

Have any of you done Lalylal dolls before? Which ones have you done? As it was a generally easy project I can imagine I will be doing a lot more of them. Until next time, happy crocheting.

5 thoughts on “Lalylala Doll Kira

  1. So cute!! I bet your mum loved this, I have the DIRK pattern to do next, as Mothers day is coming up I might be kind and make one for my mum too! Love the brooch idea!

    1. It was a card shop, but i can’t remember the name of it (either clintons or hallmark) but I will be nipping past there at lunch time so will take a note of it

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