Happy Crocheting Ergonomic Hooks

ergonomic crochet hooks


I’m so happy right now. Mr. Crochet-Widow and I have joined our two talents together and created some Happy Crocheting hooks. We had the idea months and months ago but wanted to spend time testing lots of different crochet hooks before we committed to putting the Happy Crocheting name on one. Well the one’s we’ve chosen not only are super colourful and cute, but they’re also really easy to use. I have literally just come back off holiday were I was crocheting 5+ hours a day and even with my arthritis my hands didn’t ache one bit and they come in a 9pcs set, 2mm to 6mm). Oh and I have created a free crochet pattern of the Happy Crocheting bunnies that you get when you purchase a set of hooks from us.

They have an Ergonomic grip – this is silly, but I had never heard of the word ergonomic before we started all this, so for those who don’t know it means ‘designed to minimise physical effort and discomfort’. They really are brilliant to work with, they’re soft yet don’t have any discoloration after lots of use. They come in a little transparent organiser with the cute Happy Crocheting bunnies on (I designed the flyer bit). They also come with a one year’s guarantee, but I am sure you’ll love them.

So why did we choose these type of hooks?

Well after I tested lots of different ones on the market these came out top. One of my main concerns is I have contact dermatitis so I can’t use all metal hooks as they aggravate my skin. So in the past I’ve used small bamboo crochet hooks, they were the only ones that didn’t set off my metal allergy whilst crocheting, but the bamboo ones would set off my arthritis after hours of use as they’re only small thin hooks (it’s not good, I’m allergic to metal, have dermatitis and arthritis!! I’m falling apart and I’m only in my 30’s!).

ergonomic crochet hooks

So we focused on testing non-metal hooks and found these. There was loads on the market that looked similar to the ones we chose, but none were the best quality when we got our hands on them (they would bend!). The ones we chose were perfect, also they have fairly sharp hook points so you can easily slip into the crochet zone and before you know it you’ve finished your project! The thicker handles are really light and easy to work with.

I  also created a free pattern for anyone who purchases the hooks, its a free crochet pattern of the Happy Crocheting bunnies

happy crocheting hooks


Anyway I’m waffling on, all I suggest is if you’re looking for a new hook set, give these a try, they’re fairly cheap compared to the rest on the market and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

Here is a link to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing them.

6 thoughts on “Happy Crocheting Ergonomic Hooks

  1. I have arthritis and carpal tunnel. So I thought I would taken on your suggestion and bought some Happy Crocheting ergonomic hooks. They are a life saver!! I absolutely love them!

  2. Yup, these are the bomb. They strike the perfect balance between Boye and Bates and I love the satin finish. They glide through everything. Congratulations!

  3. I just wanted to send you a message myself and tell you how wonderful your product is.

    I don’t crochet myself, but my mother does. And for a long time now she has struggled to use the simple metal ones due to issues with her hands and grip.

    It fills my heart with such happiness to see her get back to a hobby she loves thanks to the grips on the hooks you sell and she’s already finished her first project!

    Thank you so much


  4. Oh – they are great. So pleased with them. I was having such trouble with the ‘normal’ hooks, as I have arthritis in my hands. Do you do them for the smaller size hooks too – they would be so useful.

    1. Hi Carol, I’m sorry we don’t sell in the US. You can order a similar set from Clover in the US but they tent to be expensive.

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