Free Crochet Patterns

Hi Fellow Crocheters!

Hopefully some of my Free Crochet Patterns will help you out, I’m always adding more so check back regulary.

Happy Crocheting!

Free Snowman Crochet Pattern


Ewe-Gene The Black Sheep!

Black Sheep Wool Crochet


Piglet and Baby Piglet Piglet Free Crochet Pattern

Piglet free crochet pattern



 Bunny Rabbit Free Crochet Pattern

bunny rabbit free crochet pattern



Mario Afgan Star Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Mario Afgan Star Blanket



Adventure Time Hair Bow Free Crochet Pattern

Adventure Time Bows



Free Crochet Hat Pattern with Bow

Free Crochet Hat Pattern



Free Granny Pentagons, Hexagons & Heptagons patterns

Granny Pentagons, Hexagons & Heptagons patterns




Well thats all the Free Crochet Patterns I have for now, but always feel free to check in as I add to them regulary, and if you’d like add me as a friend on Ravely:  If you don’t know what Ravely is, I suggest you check it out, its an amazing resource for Free Crochet Patterns, it also does knitting too. But all you need to do is go into the site, select Free Crochet and there you go, you’ll be presented with loads of Crochet Patterns all for free, and their are some amazing and cheap paid for patterns on there too.

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