Free Adventure Time Crochet Hair Bows

Adventure Time Bows


As an avid lover of Adventure Time I was over the moon when I introduced it to my niece and she loved it. Since then whenever I babysit her we both snuggle on the couch and watch Finn and Jake on TV. Last Christmas I crocheted a massive BMO for her, throughout the year it’s been getting tatty, but it just means it’s been cuddled on a regular basis. So this Christmas I decided to make her some Adventure Time hairclips. She loves all the characters, especially Fiona and Cake, but due to the colour schemes I wanted to use for the bows I decided on Peppermint Butler (Red, Blue and White), Marceline (Purple and Slate Grey) and Princess BubbleGum (Pink, pink and more pink). I thought I’d share them with you guys on Happy Crocheting.


Free Adventure Time Hair Bow Crochet Pattern


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