Beautiful Granny Square Cushion

Bright colourful Crochet Cushion

Hope you’re all Happy Crocheting, I have been crocheting all weekend. My friend was round one night having a glass or two (bottles!) of wine with me and she was eyeing up my crochet yarn stash. It’s starting to resemble a massive colourful beanbag in the corner of my living room lately. Anyway she started selecting the colours she liked, which were all bright and in your face. She asked if I could make a cushion for her out of them, in my tipsy state I said ‘of course!’ The morning after when I saw the colours chosen I didn’t have a clue how I could crochet  something that didn’t look garish! I did some searching on the web and came across a lovely little granny square cushion that had been made using african flower granny squares, then another quick search to find a granny square pattern I liked and away I went.


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Free Granny Pentagons, Hexagons & Heptagons Patterns

Hello Fellow Crocheters! I was feeling very kind this week so thought I’d share some patterns with you all. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do african flower Granny Pentagons, Hexagons & Heptagons which would be smaller than the usual ones around the net to help make smaller (equaling CUTER) amigurui toys. You can also make afgan blankets or pillow out of them too!

Happy Crocheting!

Granny Pentagons, Hexagons & Heptagons patterns

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