Stewie from Family Guy Crochet Toy

Stewie Griffin Family Guy Crochet Toy


Happy New Year Happy Crocheting peeps. I finally finished my last Christmas present (sadly on Jan 19th). I crocheted a little Stewie Griffin from Family Guy crochet toy for my nephew, it was suppose to go with the dvd boxset of Family Guy I had bought him. He loves Stewie Griffin.

I did this doll freehand, but hopefully if you want to recreate him the picture might help you with were to start. Even though its freehand I still like to post what I have been working on here at Happy Crocheting. So here is Stewie from Family Guy crochet toy.

Until my next post (Laly Lala Doll!) Happy Crocheting!

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Merry Christmas From Happy Crocheting

Merry Christmas fellow Crocheters!

I hope you’ve all managed to finish all you’re presents. I’ve completed all bar one and as I fell down stairs yesterday hurting my arm I won’t be able to finish it. I did luckily get to finish this lovely Snowman for my Mum’s gift. Here he is with Heidi Bears Hippopotamus. I wish I had time to make the background of Happy Crocheting more christmassy – well I’ll have to wait till next year.

happy crocheting christmas


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Pink Floyd Crochet Hammers

Pink Floyd Crochet Hammers


This was a request from my brother-in-law (We both love Pink Floyd) he wanted me to crochet the hammers out of ‘The Wall’ film. I warned him before I started that I didn’t think it would look good and tried to persuade him towards a normal square pillow with the hammers put onto the pillow, but nooo, he thought he knew best. So here they are, freehand crochet Pink Floyd hammers, which fall, flop and generally look odd


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Batman’s Harley Quinn Crochet Doll

Batman Harley Quinn Crochet Doll


I love Batman, but not why most people love him. I love the villains of the Batman franchise, mainly Joker and his on/off girl friend and insane psychiatrist Harley Quinn. I did this crochet doll based loosely on the Batman  Arkham Asylum game series. So thought I’d post it here on Happy Crocheting.

I did this crochet amigurmi doll freehand but hopefully if you want to make your own Harley Quinn Crocheted Doll this post will help you where to start.


It only took a few hours to crochet Harley Quinn and then a little sewing for her shirt. She’s a cute little doll.

Anyway until next time Happy Crocheting!

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Free Granny Pentagons, Hexagons & Heptagons Patterns

Hello Fellow Crocheters! I was feeling very kind this week so thought I’d share some patterns with you all. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do african flower Granny Pentagons, Hexagons & Heptagons which would be smaller than the usual ones around the net to help make smaller (equaling CUTER) amigurui toys. You can also make afgan blankets or pillow out of them too!

Happy Crocheting!

Granny Pentagons, Hexagons & Heptagons patterns

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Cliff Richard Crochet Doll

Cliff Richard Crochet Doll


Another Crochet request, my mum’s friend sister who absolutely loves Cliff Richard, apparently she has loads of merchandise for him. So I decided to crochet her a Cliff Richard doll. I’m not sure why, but I used a 2mm needle for this – it took forever. It was really fun to create something which I knew would be loved and cuddle all the time so I took my time and made sure everything was sown together twice so hopefully it won’t break. I even bought some felt and created a little white suit jacket he worn on one of his album covers, then a cut out the letters to spell cliff on the back and using OPI glitter nail varnish added a bit of sparkle to the lettering. I was quite proud of the result so thought I’d share on Happy crocheting. (more…)

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A Freehand Crochet Pug

Freehand Crochet Pug amigurumi My niece is crazy about Pugs! All she does is talk about Pugs, wear clothes with pugs on them, pugs pug pug!

Unfortunately for her they have a Jack Russel. So for her birthday I crocheted her, her own Pug. Now I did this freehand so sorry their isn’t a crochet pattern. One thing I learned was; it was the first amigurumi  I’d done with a crochet hook bigger than 2mm – I used a 5mm hook and it made a huge difference, I managed to make a good sized toy in two nights! Lesson learnt!

At first I put the arms on midway down the pug’s body, he looked stupid so I had to unpick it and crochet it back on further up the pug’s body.

Have any of you made pugs? Or any other crochet dogs? They seem to be all the rage at the moment, let me know in the comments below. Happy Crocheting guys!

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