Bunny Rabbit Crochet Free Pattern

bunny rabbit free crochet pattern

Hello Fellow crocheters! I’ve been busy drawing up this Bunny Rabbit Crochet Free Pattern. Really enjoying writing up patterns. As you may of noticed I tend to like bunny rabbits, hence why I spent and entire day drawing the two bunny rabbits crocheting on my background image. Well if you want to know why I love them so much check out my about me page to find out more. Or read on to have another free pattern from Happy Crocheting.


This is the first pattern I have done through Ravely so fingers crossed you’ll like it. The bunny rabbit took about a week to complete, thats doing about 2 hours a day (okay now I’m trying to do the maths in my head and failing miserably)…….

Ahh 14 hours, and I’m a slow crocheter. I used quite a thick aran yarn for this project and a UK size 5 hook. I bought my wool and material from the ears from Black Sheep Wool and hand stitched the ear material as I’m only just learning how to use my lovely little sewing machine my kind mother-in-law bought for me at Christmas.

Here is his fluffly bum pic ha ha:


Free Bunny Crochet Pattern

bunny rabbit free crochet pattern

Here is the link to download through Ravely: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bunny-rabbit-with-pom-pom-butt


If you don’t have a Ravely account, you can get the PDF here too:


Until my next post, Happy Crocheting!

4 thoughts on “Bunny Rabbit Crochet Free Pattern

  1. Thanks for the free pattenr, the instructions are really easy to read and thanks for letting me know if it was US vs UK stitches, I always fall foul of that.
    Thanks Happy Crocheting!

  2. Your bunny is fantastic! I wish I’d had found it before since Easter us this Sunday. But it’ll be in for next year. Is there a pattern for the clothes and hat too?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I haven’t done any clothes for him yet but hopefully by the time next easter comes will have some.

  3. I’m a rabbit breeder and I crochet also but this is the first bunny crochet I’m attempting to do I love the way yours looked hopefully mine will turn out as beautiful as yours wish me luck thank you

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