Beautiful Granny Square Cushion

Bright colourful Crochet Cushion

Hope you’re all Happy Crocheting, I have been crocheting all weekend. My friend was round one night having a glass or two (bottles!) of wine with me and she was eyeing up my crochet yarn stash. It’s starting to resemble a massive colourful beanbag in the corner of my living room lately. Anyway she started selecting the colours she liked, which were all bright and in your face. She asked if I could make a cushion for her out of them, in my tipsy state I said ‘of course!’ The morning after when I saw the colours chosen I didn’t have a clue how I could crochet  something that didn’t look garish! I did some searching on the web and came across a lovely little granny square cushion that had been made using african flower granny squares, then another quick search to find a granny square pattern I liked and away I went.

I was quite envious once it was completed as its really cute, I need to crochet one for myself. I gave it to her a few months afterwards for her birthday, she was over the moon as due to the alcohol consumed that night she hadn’t remembered asking for it and picking the colours – she said the colours were perfect as that’s the colours of her bedroom wallpaper – That must be some psychedelic-in-you-face wallpaper she has!


Crochet Pillow

Colourful Crochet Pillow

Colourful crochet cushion


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