Batman Joker Crochet Doll

joker batman crochet patternI’ve been considering for a while doing a range of crochet dolls, being an avid Batman fan (Go Batman!!) I decided to focus on all the friends and foes of Gotham. As I love Joker (the twisted thing) I went with Joker first.

Now have any of you completed a project just to begin the entire project again as you’re not happy? Well I do it all the time, so after I crocheted one Joker doll I then started another straight away. Once they were both completed though I didn’t have a clue which I prefered.

A little help from my Reddit crochet friends

So I posted this thread to see which they prefer, Joker A or Joker B:

Joker crochet doll


The feed back was brilliant, most prefered Joker B – although someone commented that he looked like something from a demented willy wonka ha ha, that made me laugh as while I was doing it I thought my little crocheted Joker looked like Edward Scissorhands and both are Tim Burton films I think.

I got more advice on how a lot of the people prefered the lips on Joker A (As you can see I’ve now updated him). So here is my new Batman Joker Crochet doll with a new smile, and look at him he’s a proper poser now!

Joker crochet doll


So I now have to sift through all my pattern notes and put them in a nice format so others can use the crochet pattern and once thats done I best do the rest of the heroes and villians from batman: Joker (done!) Harley Quinn, Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Catwoman…

Can you think of any others I can do?

Also a big thanks to all the redditors who gave me advice, you guys are ace.

Until next time, Happy Crocheting!

7 thoughts on “Batman Joker Crochet Doll

    1. Those are great ideas, haven’t a clue how I could do twofaces face, maybe the popcorn stitch for the burnt side ha ha! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  1. I bought this pattern, Harley quinn and poison ivy. But I can’t figure how you did the lips on the female characters and your pattern doesn’t give instructions on the lips. Hope I can figure it out because the dolls seem incomplete without them.

    1. Hi Sydney,

      Unfortunately its really just trial and error when it comes to the lips, I practised embroiding on the lips on a old disgarded bit of crochet before I completed the lips on the dolls. But I will look into if there is a better way, as in actually crochet the lips instead of embroiding them on. I will get back to you shortly to see if it works.

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