Free Adventure Time Crochet Hair Bows

Adventure Time Bows


As an avid lover of Adventure Time I was over the moon when I introduced it to my niece and she loved it. Since then whenever I babysit her we both snuggle on the couch and watch Finn and Jake on TV. Last Christmas I crocheted a massive BMO for her, throughout the year it’s been getting tatty, but it just means it’s been cuddled on a regular basis. So this Christmas I decided to make her some Adventure Time hairclips. She loves all the characters, especially Fiona and Cake, but due to the colour schemes I wanted to use for the bows I decided on Peppermint Butler (Red, Blue and White), Marceline (Purple and Slate Grey) and Princess BubbleGum (Pink, pink and more pink). I thought I’d share them with you guys on Happy Crocheting.


Free Adventure Time Hair Bow Crochet Pattern


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So I nipped down to HobbyCraft and managed to get some lovely jewellery supplies, then I printed out lots of Adventure Time images (sadly I just used normal print paper for these, wish I had of gotten some photo paper for better quality). I then cut them into an oval and placed Sellotape on each side of the paper (in hopes to make it waterproof) and then superglued them onto the pendants. Originally I had planned to just make one bow, but they became so quick to make and as I knew she’d love them I made lots more.


Adventure Time Bows


For the Marceline (Purple and Slate Grey) I had ran out of the pendants so I used a spare button I had lying around as a mini picture frame. I did it the same way I did the pendant one, cut out the printed image to size, then added Sellotape on both sides to try and make it waterproof. But for the button I waited until I had sown it onto the bow before gluing the image onto the button covering the button holes.
Finally this can be done with any image, do you know someone who loves pugs? Throw a pug pic on them instead. They’re great as they are quick to make, very easily personalised and extremely cute!

Adventure Time Bows Peppermint Butler Adventure Time Bows Marceline








They’re really simple to make, and below I have written up a quick pattern to help, but it’s probably better to try and replicate them free hand to put your own spin on it. Also if you do use my pattern and have any feedback (positive or negative – I have thick skin) please could you let me know. Until next time, happy crocheting.

Free Adventure Time Hair Clip Bow Crochet Pattern

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